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Policies and Procedures



If a camp is cancelled for any reason we will issue a refund or a credit for a future camp.


Each registered camper is required to pay a deposit upon receipt of their registration application. In most cases this is the full camp fee. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. If, however, a camper is unable to attend due to an untimely illness or injury all camp fees paid may be refunded with the appropriate doctor signed medical documentation. In this scenario, to be eligible to receive a camp refund, a written doctor’s excuse is required to be submitted prior to the camp date and not to exceed 5 business days to be received in the Toledo Baseball office after the scheduled event.


If it is necessary for a camper to leave a camp session early due to an unforeseen illness or injury, the camper’s cost for the missed potion of the camp may be refunded provided that the camper is seen by the camp trainer on staff and that camper’s parent(s)/legal guardian provide the Camp Director signed documentation explaining the reason for the early departure.


A camper MUST have all appropriate paperwork signed and turned in to the Camp Director prior to the camper’s participation in the camp. No camper will be allowed to participate without having turned in the required documents. If a camper fails to provide the appropriate forms at registration and has already paid the amount of the deposit, the deposit will not be refunded.


Prorating Costs


A camper may register for fewer than the scheduled number of days for a prorated cost. The camper MUST notify the camp director of this prior to the start of camp. A camper may not receive a prorated cost after deciding to leave during the camp unless it is an unforeseen illness or injury as stated above in the refund policy.




Campers will be held responsible for any damages they may cause. This includes housing facilities, cafeteria, and baseball camp facilities and equipment. The cost acquired from any damages will be billed directly to the camper’s parent(s) or legal guardian.


Camp Staff


The camp staff is required to act in a professional manner at all times. The dorms will be adequately staffed for overnight camps. We will have a minimum of 1 staff member on each floor of the dorm where applicable.

Required Forms

January 23, 2022 HS Pre-Season Camp Waiver Form

Download ALL 3 Camp Waiver and Release Forms

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